From A Strange Place, draws on varied experiences that connect birth, death and psychedelics. My work revolves around the body, its pains and pleasures, the birth of my son and the death of my mother. These experiences are humanizing and dehumanizing. The photographs are non-concrete, poetic and ecriture feminine-, French for feminine or women’s writing, a term coined by Helen Cixous. The picture making is mobilized by feminist strategies that interrupt male, social approvals, white and or hegemonic forms of subjectivity.

From a Strange Place, consists of video,  photographs, a written description of a near death experience and sculptures of birthing chairs.  A series of birth chairs made of various materials (clay, wood and resin) sit in for our entrance into the world. A crochet blanket presents the meditation of a mother on her son's birth and death caused by the opioid epidemic in the USA. I am interested in exploring the intricacies of human relationships rooted in pain and pleasure and how birth, death and psychedelics are experienced through memory, high and low pleasures (bodily and intellectually) historically and culturally.