GIRL PLAY explores political and fantastical  themes that run parallel to photography, women’s rights, and cannabis. GIRL PLAY  proposes a fantasy that accesses a domain of imaginary identifications of the feminine stoner. Through this access, and inside the domain, the photographs reveal the potential for an iconic renegotiation of the self and expansion upon conventionality. There is a constant political battle that revolves around these subjects, ie., cannabis and women’s freedom. GIRL PLAY addresses the contemporary female stoner and attempts to understand why women’s bodies continue to be under attack. The laws that pertain to both change with the political climate. In this political climate both are at stake: the body and it's biologies, cannabis and it's culture.

The mythology of a funny, easygoing, sloth-like stoner sloth pothead has always been male. Though there is no doubt that the transgressive lady stoner figure is on the rise, popular culture still posits female desire–political, sexual, spiritual– as unseemly, and adheres to hetero male fantasy contructs. In the staging of GIRL PLAY, I create hot-spring-like environments where cannabis constitutes the habitation of female desire and where rebellion and aspiration for adventure thrive like thermophilic bacteria. Here concepts of the “the male gaze” are sidestepped. GIRL PLAY, pushes against political fictions and solidifies female attachment to a fantasy, where we further expand upon our values, philosophies, experiences and dreams.