I’m interested in exploring the themes that run parallel to photography and cannabis. I hope that by entering the threshold of fantasy and into a domain of imaginary identifications of the feminine stoner, the photographs reveal the potential for an iconic renegotiation of the self within the Symbolic Order. There is a constant political battle that revolves around these subjects, ie., cannabis and women’s freedom. I hope to address the contemporary female stoner and to further understand why women’s bodies continue to be under attack. The laws that pertain to both change with the political climate. In this political climate both are at stake: the body and it's biologies, cannabis and it's culture.

Growing up, the mythology of a funny easygoing stoner sloth pothead was male. This body of work examines feminine consciousness and aims to fill the underrepresentation of  the lady stoner image.  

In this body of work nakedness represents sisterhood. When making this piece I was thinking about how Female identity is communal, about collaboration, motherhood and mothers. Nakedness for me is a signifier for the underlying intimacy that is experienced in sisterhood. Sharing philosophies, experiences and dreams. The overall aim of this work is to present women within a female discourse rather than women as subjects of male discourse. I also want the viewer to consider the relationship of the photograph to the visible world, through the female gaze where landscapes are subverted, women are unashamed, provoked, rebelling and changing destinies.